Raya Academy organizes two security workshops targeting the public sector and law enforcement personnel

With the growing need for securitytraining in Egypt, Raya Academy organized two security workshops, DigitalEvidence Today and Hacking Techniques and Countermeasures Workshop, in June2010. One of the workshops targeted Chamber of Communication and InformationTechnology (CIT) members and the other was organized for law enforcementpersonnel, legal professionals and e-Business security professionals.

The Hacking Techniques andCountermeasures workshop took place on 20th June 2010 in Raya HoldingHeadquarters. The event was attended by the Chamber of Communication andInformation Technology (CIT) members, who were interested in learning computersecurity fundamentals. The workshop provided CIT members with basic securityliteracy skills to protect themselves from the daily threats of the internetand be able to to scan, test, hack and secure their own systems. Raya focusedon reflecting the latest developments in hacking techniques and technology froman attack perspective as well as defense recommendations.

In partnership with the Ministry ofCommunication & Information Technology (MCIT) and the Egyptian Associationfor Prevention of Information and Internet Crimes, Raya Academy held its"Digital Evidence Today" Workshop on 23rd June 2010 at MCIT premises,clearly recognizing the growing volume of computer-related crimes that posechallenges to the Egyptian Government. The workshop aimed at bringing law enforcementpersonnel, legal professionals and E-Business security professionals togetherto address their concerns regarding the integrity of their networkinfrastructure and computer security. Through this workshop, Raya showcased itsexpertise in uncovering digital evidence by identifying intruders' footprintsand gathering the necessary evidence for prosecution.