Raya Academy signs an agreement with Nile University to provide world class graduate and continuing education

In the fast growing IT market andin an attempt to fulfill the high market demand for a more secure environment,Raya Academy signed an agreement with Nile University to offer advanced coursesin information security and internet crimes to students obtaining their Mastersin Information Security.

This Masters Degree programprovides students with technical education in designing and managing securitysystems for computers, as well as networks and software applications, inaddition to combating the hackers who try to break into computer systems andnetworks, as well deal with espionage and system failures. Besides studyingsecurity, students will also receive theoretical knowledge to strategicallyapproach security problems.

"We are proud to cooperatewith Raya in offering professional education that is aligned with the higheststandards of learning and takes a practical, result oriented, approach to capacitybuilding for information security leadership," says Dr. Tarek Khalil,President & Provost of Nile University. He also believes that thisco-operation will provide the students with practical experience, combined withthe theoretical sciences and the know-how experience from the experts at Rayaand NU.