A Complete Footprint which helps organizations to achieve maximum automation benefits in the tendering process by facilitating tender’s advertisement, management and evaluation.

Reduces Overall Cost of the Purchasing Process, Timescale and Risks

Enables Centralization of the Tendering & Contracting Processes

Enables Effective Data Exchange and Management

Provides a Compliant Purchasing Process

Provides a User-Friendly Interface

Provides more Comprehensive Transactions Recording

Creates Conformity and Easy to use Processes

  • Limited/General Tender Committee Collaboration®
  • Workflow Based Requests
  • Amount Based Approvals
  • Tender Fees Payment Confirmation
  • Customized RFQ Approvals
  • Supplier Quote Withdrawal
  • Supplier Alternate Quote Submission
  • Generation/Submission of Letter(s) of Intent, Letter(s) of Award, Letter(s) of Retraction, Letter(s) of Regret
  • A set of Custom Reports specifically tailored to your business
  • Many More Add-On Features


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