Company Overview

Raya International Services is a subsidiary of Raya Holding

Raya International Services is a subsidiary of Raya Holding, specialized in Oracle and SAP technology implementations in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf and the Levant.

Operating in the market since 1997, Raya International Services remains committed to serve the region’s best businesses and government entities with its solid track record, experience, and distinguished professionals. Raya International services offers its customers business solutions through its wide range of products and services that automate and optimize their business processes and help them boost their business efficiency. From ready-made software products to custom tailored enterprise/ government automation services and ERP implementations, Raya International Services is focused on implementing the newest methodologies, working closely with its clients in the Middle East and Africa

With a number of offices located in Egypt, UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Raya International Services has a solid track record in the field of ERP implementations and business solutions for top-notch customers in the government, utilities, health care and banking industries. Among Raya’s valued customers in the Middle East region are the Saudi Saline Water Conversion company in Saudi Arabia, Qatar Information and Communications Technology Authority, Saudi Communications and Information Technology Council and Saudi Post. Raya International Services takes pride for being part of Raya Holding, a leading Egyptian group of companies with a wide range of diversified portfolio. Raya Holding has operations in the fields of information technology, call centers, consumer electronics trade, smart buildings development, as well as PET remanufacturing and land transport. With a sound financial position in the market, Raya Holding is a publicly traded company and is listed in the Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX).