Our Values

A business is like an iceberg. Customers see the small tip that floats peacefully above the surface, while the huge mass below the surface represents the processes that are governed by an organization's culture. And it is the culture that is beneath the surface that really supports or inhibits the organization and makes it able to innovate and lead. Thus, the more deeply entrenched are the cultural values in the organization, the more successful and solid the organization is.

Respect for people

Respect for people is a deeply entrenched value in our culture. Whether they are employees, customers or shareholders, respect for people is value that we put before anything when it comes to dealing with anyone in or outside the company.

Customer Focus

Customer Focus is crucial to the success of our business. Raya is committed to offer its customers an exceptional experience and unparalleled quality of service. Everything from the sales pitch to the after-sales support is customized to suit customer needs.

Team Work

At Raya we are always eager to promote team work. The company is continually seeking to bring together personnel with a diversity of backgrounds, skill levels and varied areas of expertise. We believe that working in teams brings about fresh perspectives and allow for a better and more comprehensive delivery of results.


Setting excellence as a standard is our driver in whatever we do in order to realize the vision to be "a market leader no matter where we are". Raya encourages excellence by rewarding skill and performance. With the desire to win and the will to succeed, Raya has unlimited potential to improve the quality of all the services that it currently has on offer. The company benchmarks itself according to international quality standards.