Life at Raya International Services

At Raya International Services, our people are our most valuable assets. We make sure that the environment that surrounds them is a motivating, warm and energetic environment, in order to be able to strive for excellence.

We also reinforce harmony among our employees and within the different teams. That ethos is not only reinforced through valuing teamwork but also through allowing space for bonding with colleagues in the cafeteria, gym and our regular sports events.

The development of our employees is an essential factor of our success. There is an open communication within the employee hierarchy that ensures that each employee's quarterly objectives are communicated clearly, his career path is determined and his training and development needs are met.

Whether stationed at Raya’s headquarters in 6th of October or any of our branches in Saudi Arabia, Qatar or UAE, all of our employees work harmonically together with the latest communication technology of video conference and networks facilities, ensuring effective communication among all of our employees wherever they are.